Press Release: Vertell AM, a technology led hospitality investment and asset management specialist

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Press Release | 0 comments

BERN, Apr. 29, 2022 – Following the acquisition, mid 2021, of one of the largest Swiss hotel group “Arenas The Resorts”, in a joint-venture with a US-based private equity firm, Romain Semmel and Thibault Catala announce the creation of Vertell Asset Management.

Vertell is an investment firm specialized in the acquisition and asset management of hospitality assets in Europe.

With more than 10 years of experience, respectively, in the hotel investment industry and revenue management and digital sector, Romain Semmel and Thibault Catala have decided to combine their expertise to create a disruptive hotel investment platform.

Vertell’s strategy is to invest, alongside institutional and private investors, in the European hospitality sector targeting distressed or undervalued hotel assets offering attractive repositioning potential though renovation, rebranding and operational improvements to drive superior investment returns. The firm approach is to rely on both its vast network across major European hotel markets to source attractive investment opportunities and its cutting-edge technology stack to drive disruptive asset management initiatives.

“Since I have started in this industry and during my previous experiences, both on the sell side and buy side, I have experienced the lack of alignment between investors and hotel asset managers and operators. In creating Vertell, our ambition is to bridge that gap by combining our expertise in sourcing and structuring attractive investment deals with the operational know-how to successfully create value for our investors,” said Romain Semmel.

“Hospitality sector is very much behind in terms of digitalization compared to other industry. At Vertell, we created a plug and play technology stack which, combined with our operational expertise, allows us to take better informed asset management decisions to improve asset performance and profitability” added Thibault Catala.

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